Making Semexx™ semen work for you

Guidelines for using sexed semen

• Restrict sexed semen use to 1st or 2nd services when using on heifers and 1st service when using on lactating cows.

• Fertility window for sexed semen is narrower because the sperm are believed to be closer in their timing for optimal fertility. Therefore, it is recommended to breed at peak signs of heat. This may result in a delay in the time of breeding by 4-8 hours compared to best practices when using conventional semen.

• Use on heifers with the appropriate weight, height and body condition.

• Use on heifers that are at the age (or younger) that translates to your targeted age at first calving.

• Try to breed heifers off natural heats (sync programs may be less reliable for heifers).

• When using sexed semen on lactating cows, select higher fertility cows that are healthy with good body condition.

• Sexed semen works well in combination with Semexai24®/Heatime® or other activity monitoring system.

• Many Jersey breeders opt to use sexed semen on their cows as a regular practice since Jerseys have high fertility and bull calves have a low value.