Immunity Index and Immunity+® brand on Bulls Optimized for Maximum Disease Reduction

- Immunity Index is an optimized index for disease reduction that combines adaptive immune responses, nitric oxide, and publicly available North American disease traits. 

- Broad-based selection for overall disease reduction across most bacterial, viral, and mycobacterial diseases. 

- Immunity+ bulls have daughters with 29% less overall disease compared to herdmates including 26% less Mastitis, 31% less Lameness, 25% less Retained Placenta, 42% less Ketosis, 15% less Displaced Abomasum, 6% less Metritis. 

- Allows for optimal sire selection to improve animal health. 

Immunity Index for Elevate® Genomic Tested Holstein Females Optimized for Maximum Disease Reduction

- High Immunity females (>= 105) have 33% less overall disease compared to herdmates including 43% less Mastitis, 41% less Lameness, 25% less Retained Placenta, 33% less Ketosis, 38% less Displaced Abomasum, and 9% less Metritis. 

- Allows for better management and improved breeding strategies for health and overall merit. 

Calf Immunity Index on Bulls and Elevate Females Optimized for Maximum Calf Disease Reduction

- Calf health index is optimized to reduce pneumonia, scours and diarrhea in calves. 

- Healthier calves grow better and set the foundation for healthier, more reproductive and productive dairy cows. 

- High Calf Immunity bulls (>= 105) have daughters with 32% less overall calf disease compared to herdmates including 33% less Pneumonia, and 31% less Diarrhea.

Improved Colostrum Quality

- High immunity females have been shown to produce higher quality colostrum with more antibodies, total immunoglobulin, and beta lactoglobulin. 

- Healthier calves in the first 60 days of life. 

- Better calf growth and development. 

Better Response to Vaccines

- Only 4% of high immunity females have a low response to commercial vaccines compared to 20% in the population. 

- Peace of mind that vaccines are being put to good use, and animals will have stronger responses leading to less disease in the future. 

Higher Fertility 

- High immune females are healthier which translates to increased conception rates compared to their herdmates.

Immunity trait includes components for Innate Immunity (via Nitric Oxide) and Adaptive Immune Responses 

- Strengthens the entire immune system, leading to greater gains for health. 

- Allows for more genetic variance to be harnessed for longer term genetic improvement. 

High Heritability

- Immunity indexes will transmit to their progeny and will make an impact on the health outcomes of the next generation.