FastStart FAQs

Q: What sires will be offered?

200 code sires that are the most elite, available before they hit the open market. They will be released 3-12 months sooner through this program than through traditional channels

Q: How often will they be released?

We plan to release 8-12 Holstein and 2-3 Jersey sires each year

Q: Who can sign up?

Any client, any where can sign up. The contract is a lifetime agreement and does not need to be renewed.

Q: How do people sign up?

The FastStart Sire Agreement is available from your Semex sales representative or at Interested parties should download, review the terms/conditions, complete and return to

Q: How do they know when semen is available?

FastStart sires are posted to Semex’s website

FastStart sires will be announced via Semex’s social media channels and publication on our website and other news outlets

Q: What does a client do when a calf from a FastStart sire is born?

Semex has the right of first option to purchase or have genetic access to any offspring resulting from FastStart sires. Clients are to notify Semex within 10 days of receiving any genomic testing results conducted on any FastStart offspring. Semex will then contact the owner directly regarding next steps.

Q: How do they know how much any of the offspring is worth?

All Semex purchase price(s) are outlined in the FastStart Agreement

Q: What breeds?

We will feature both elite Holstein and Jersey sires

Q: Are they available before or after Semex uses as a mating sire?

They will be available as soon as they have completed our mating sire agreements

Q: If my client has no high merit animals do they still need to sign a contract?

Yes. Anyone interested in purchasing a FastStart sire must first complete, submit and have their contract approved by Semex. Clients are not obligated to genomic test these animals

Q: How does a client order semen?

FastStart clients order their semen through their Semex representatives

Q: Can a client use the semen on any animal they own?


Q: Can a client sell offspring from a FastStart sire?

FastStart offspring may not be sold until Semex has exercised its first right of refusal on all resulting offspring

Q: What does the FastStart contract mean for Semex?

This program means we can offer clients elite genetics even faster, while retaining rights to resulting offspring to perpetuate Semex’s product development program