Wherever you dairy, profitability, efficiency, health and long-lasting sustainability demand the best of your genetic program. The fastest way to get there begins with a genetic strategy that includes embryos, and when sourcing the world’s best embryos, Semex is your source.

Semex Embryos is the world’s only source for female, genotyped embryos. These embryos represent the trifecta of what the industry needs… The best-made IVF embryos possible via Boviteq, the world’s most elite donors via Progenesis and utilizing Semex’s most in-demand genomic sires.


With over 25 years of IVF experience, Boviteq is the industry’s embryo creation leader. Their continuous research ensures that all Boviteq Made embryos create the most calves. This success is based on three things: world-leading freezing methodology; the best pregnancy rates in the industry; and its proprietary direct transfer technology.

Buyers can be assured that every Boviteq Made embryo represents decades of research, leading reproductive technology, proprietary methodology, strict SOPs, teams of scientists on multiple continents and the success of thousands of clients worldwide all contributing to Boviteq’s success.


Founded in 2013, Semex’s Progenesis Program is Semex’s industry-leading internal breeding program. Born from the need for access to the world’s best female population in order to make the next generation of leading sires, this nucleus herd is now the envy of the genetic world. Its maternal lines have already produced some of the most in-demand and profitable sires of today with more ready for tomorrow.

Never satisfied, the Progenesis Team continues to add bloodlines that diversify the program, meeting market demands for sires that produce long-lasting, healthy, profitable herds.


Code 200 sires have long represented profitability, quality and health. Semex and its partners have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with dairymen worldwide for over 70 years, delivering more than just a straw of semen but the genetic promise of the future.

Technology and innovation are at the core of what Semex does and its most elite genetics are available first via a sexed product from Semex Embryos. Never before have the global dairymen had access to this unique genetic package.


If you’re a Canadian breeder looking to sell embryos, Semex maintains a moderate embryo listing and regularly markets and offers them through our worldwide channels. Whether you have embryos already available from previous flushes or have upcoming flushes, we can help you market them.

If you’re looking to source the Canadian kind, our embryo listing includes genetics from deep pedigreed cows, bull mothers, superior production cows, show ring winners and well-balanced, solid Canadian cow families. We’re proud to work with and promote Canadian genetics worldwide through our external distribution network.